Salesclass Successes

With more than half of the 1st cohort placed before graduation, and the others deep in sales interviews, the potential is clear. Take talents looking to power their careers, add some proven sales training and practical application, stir in practical job training and interviewing skills and ... boom! Read what graduates have to say.

Nathan Japhet - Hired!

I'm very fortunate to be part of Salesclass' first cohort. The course has given me an insider's view of the inside sales process in the hi-tech industry as well as the tool needed to succeed in it.

Tehilla Rotlevy - Hired!

I want to thank all the lecturers on Salesclass, our mentors, thank you for this opportunity,you inspire us all.I am hoping to stay in touch with each and every one in this amazing class!

Ricky Steinfield - Hired!

As someone who came into the world of sales with absolutely no idea of how it would be and what is needed or expected. I would like to thank for giving me the ability and tools to not go into the sales world blind. It's a real privilege to learn from industry leaders and giants in the game of sales, being able to learn from real-world experience is an amazing opportunity.

Molly Livingstone

When you think of boot-camp, you do often think, whatever that is, it will be hardcore. This class is not only that, it is also teaching us the exact knowledge and tools to stand out and succeed. Each class is a building block, giving you information that you then process and practice. I am confident that what I have learned will open up many opportunities as I pivot in my career. Professional, supportive and fun- and yes, hardcore.
Thank you for the opportunity and for building the foundation for our success and the continued success of the Start Up Nation!

Yotam Wolfe - Hired!

Even though I have a number of years of successful experience in the field of sales,  I received many new tools that help me develop additional sale skills enabling my smooth integration into the SaaS field. Thanks to this course, I feel quite capable and very excited to begin my new career in the SaaS field.

Rachel Hartman

It has exceeded my expectations. Not only do I have a clear path on how to get a job I want, I also have a very clear idea of what a sales position in High Tech entails and how my days will be structured as part of a sales team. The best part of the course is that we are being trained with real-life scenarios by experienced professionals who are currently active the industry. The instructors have been incredibly generous with their time in providing in-depth feedback.  I strongly encourage anyone thinking to start a career in high tech sales to take this course, you will not regret it.