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Israel does not produce enough sales talent to meet current and growing demand. Salesclass solves that problem. It is an online sales masterclass for Inside Sales taught by passionate sales professionals.

Learn the skills you need to move into a successful Inside Sales Career that offers unlimited earning potential.

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Learn new career skills with unlimited earning potential!


Career Training

How to be a sales professional and see the results in real dollars.

Quick Results

Proven, online training equips go-getters to launch their new sales career in weeks.

Applied Learning

Practical, guided learning to join the booming Hi-Tech sales force.

Welcome to Salesclass!

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In just 6 weeks…

  • Learn the must-have skills needed for an Inside Sales career
  • Equip yourself to work in the growing Hi-Tech Industry
  • Be actively selling within weeks
  • Establish credentials in the always-in-demand profession
  • Learn the tools needed to sell yourself and sell in your new job

Most Importantly, you will learn how to:


Find Leads

Understanding who to target, how to find them and building a prospect list is step 1 in any sales process. Learn how to identify and find prospective buyers that could be perfect for your offering.


Get in front of those leads

Once you understand and have found who to target, learn how to get in front of them without being pushy or annoying. Learn the art and science of sales cadences, effective messaging and booking meetings!


Conduct a proper discovery

The sales discovery process is your first step in the connect phase of a sales process. Learn how to properly research your prospect and understand how to ask key qualifying questions to understand the problem you can solve for.


Pitch your offering

Your product or service must solve your customer’s problems. Learn how to properly explain how your offering solves for your customers problem and be prepared to show how you can solve additional problems that may arise.


Handle Objections

Objection handling is when a prospect presents a concern. Learn how to respond in a way that alleviates those concerns and allows the deal to move forward. Objections are generally around price, product fit, competitors, and good old-fashioned brush offs.


Close deals

Nothing happens until a deal closes!  Learn the different types of closes: the assumptive close, the urgency close, the suggestion close and the option close.

Online Career Training

Learn Online From Home

  • Easy-to-follow online learning program enables learners to start without obstacles
  • Learn at your own schedule 24/7 access
  • 12 classes complete with video training, exercises and assignments to apply lessons
  • Practical skills across calling, emailing, social selling
  • Access to sales trainers and active feedback
  • Guided step by step learning program with 12 distinct modules

Watch a short sample lesson:

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Sonya Meloff


Sonya Meloff is Co-Founder of Sales Talent Agency, North America's largest and most respected sales recruitment company.  Launched in 2007, Sales Talent Agency has worked with over 1,500 companies across North America to help them make their best sales hires.

Jake Levant


Jake Levant is an executive with a substantial 20 year track record in tech-marketing and sales. He is a proven business leader driving tech adoption in enterprises. Born into Fortune 500s like P&G, Jake now focusses on building tech companies and recruiting top talent.

Jono Bloom


Jono Bloom  is a worldwide sales operations specialist at Amazon Web Services. He has deep experience with sales development teams across some of Israel's most successful hitech startups, including Panaya, WalkMe and Cloud Endure. His operational excellence drives sales teams for multimillion dollar pipelines.

Graeme Gilovitz


Graeme Gilovitz is head of global sales development for Lightico. His sales track record spans some of the most successful technology companies including Wisestamp, Jacada and now Lightico. He's a hand-on coach to help sales people reach their potential. Graeme never intended to be SDR but turned it into a career with a seat at the CRO Exec table

Omri Kenan


Omri Kenan  has a track record of success in the fastest growing tech companies in Israel in including Similarweb and Bringg. More than that, Omri has a passion for perfection. His active coaching style ensures that those who want to succeed, do. He is a full-hearted teacher, and an exacting professional, bringing out the best in all that work and learn from him.

Hilton Burke


Hilton Burke is CEO of Anglo Recruits. Has over 15 years of sales and leadership experience in the most successful high-tech companies in Israel (LivePerson, ClickTale, and WalkMe). Starting as an Online Sales Operator, Inside Sales and Customer Development pivoting to build manage and mentor large successful sales teams. Has a passion for helping new olim in tech.

Dave Hyman


Dave Hyman  is the Co-Founder and CRO of Webeyez. He has been building successful sales teams for 15+ years with leading SaaS companies such as SimilarWeb, Yotpo, LivePerson and Kampyle.  Dave has a passion for sales, from door to door encyclopedias sales to complex enterprise deals. Sales success is based on good communication skills, hard work, dedication and the drive to win!

Bruce Zivan


Bruce Zivan is Director of Sales Development at Sapiens. He is a "Top of the Funnel" leader, having built and lead Sales Development teams at several Israeli startups, and acting as strategic advisor to several Israeli startups.


Elisha Levy

Elisha Levy  is currently a Sales Development Manager at Guardicore. He had to leave Israel to find his first sales role in Tech which was at Oracle and upon his return made it his mission to help ensure Olim find their first role in Sales here in the Israel High Tech scene.

Erik Claster


Erik Claster  was at "ground level" when Inside Sales was starting to gain notoriety on its way to becoming the go-to method for scaling B2B tech/software sales. For over 15 years he has built successful Inside Sales processes, infrastructure and teams to drive revenue at scale. He is the principal at Viking Consulting and an avid outdoorsman and vintage motorcycle enthusiast.

Sonya Meloff

Sonya Meloff is Co-Founder of Sales Talent Agency, North America's largest and most respected sales recruitment company.  Launched in 2007, Sales Talent Agency has worked with over 1,500 companies across North America to help them make their best sales hires.

Jake Levant

Exec with 20 years proven track record in tech - marketing and sales. Proven business leader driving tech adoption in enterprises. Born into Fortune 500s like P&G and now building tech companies and top talent.